Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 3 new skinpacks and 3 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Creeper Ores!

These special creepers have got vibrant and unique ores embedded inside of them!

Pick up this Creeper Ores pack and camouflage yourself from your friends or hide from your enemies!

  • 8 HD skins!
  • 1 free HD skin!
  • Includes diamond, gold, and rainbow camo ores!

Fantasy Life

Be an elf, orc, goblin, or even the rare triton! Have an adventure in Minecraft while playing as a fantasy character that suits you!

  • 8 skins!
  • Inspired by classic role playing games!
  • Pick from a wide selection of skin designs and choose one that represents you!


With these shark skins you will surely not go unnoticed! Get these skins and show your friends which of you is the master of the seas! Guide your friends to discover the underwater temples with these shark skins!

  • 1 free skin
  • 10 shark skins



Lords of the Isles

Long since forgotten and left abandoned to the ages. Can you rebuild the beautiful castles and become the new Lord of the Isles? Adventure your way around these sky isles and find their hidden secrets and loot.

  • One world
  • Multiple Islands to explore
  • Skyblock style play

One Block Realms

One block like never before! Explore the map and conquer the challenges to unlock the desert, snow, mesa, nether, and the colorful realm! Can you survive?

  • 6 unique realms to obtain various resources!
  • 4 unique challenges!
  • Classic area to explore all sorts of biomes!
  • And much more!

The Village in the Clouds

Live out your new life on an island in the sky! Move into an abandoned house in a village obsessed with fishing, or strike out on your own and explore! Skyblock roleplay alone or among friends.

  • Catch over 20 custom fishing items!
  • Rideable gryphon pet and custom cloud boat!
  • Fishing competition minigame!
  • Become the best fisher in the sky!