Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 3 new skinpacks and 3 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!




Do you like goats? You’re in for a real treat! Put on your best goat outfit and show your friends who the real G.O.A.T is!

  • 10 goat skins
  • 1 free skin

One Block Teens!

Dress up in cool themed clothing or even become a one block!

Tackle the challenge in style with this One Block Teens skin pack!

  • 12 HD skins!
  • 2 free skins!
  • Includes stylish block skins!

Skull Teens

Woah, spooky! These teens are dressed up in bright neon gear and are all wearing skull masks! I wonder what they’re up to?

  • 8 intense skeleton-themed skins!
  • Wide variety of colors and styles, find the perfect skin that suits you!



Blan Arena

You’ve found your way to Blan Arena, the place where warriors test their skills against each other.

Are you the strongest among your friends? Come here to find out!

  • Includes a town with custom homes worthy of heroic warriors
  • Massive arena where you can battle against your rivals

Grand Mansion & Gardens

Are you the Lord or Lady of the Manor? Travel back in time to a baroque grand mansion and roleplay with your friends!

From the team at CrackedCubes

  • Huge detailed interiors (ballrooms, libraries, dining rooms, garden rooms, orangeries, dungeons, and more!)
  • Expansive gardens (animal exhibits, pools, ruins, stables, and more!)
  • Four detailed skins (roleplay designs!)

Simple Spawns Jungle Ruins

You are a castaway who’s landed on a lush green jungle island. Venture through this uncharted territory and find the resources to survive!

  • Comfy villages built into the treetops.
  • Old abandoned temples and ruins to investigate.
  • Ancient hidden treasures and ample resources!