Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 2 new skinpacks and 2 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Anime School

With their classic school uniforms in order, these anime teens are ready to hit the books… Tuck in that shirt!

  • 8 different skins!
  • A wide variety of school uniform designs!
  • Bright and colorful characters, find one that suits you!


You are looking for tranquility, a secluded place. You need fresh air and you want to get back in touch with nature. Cultivate your beautiful lands on your own land by playing as one of the farmers available in this skin pack!

  • 2 free skins
  • 15 skins



Bandit Camp Survival

Beware of the dangerous wild! Help keep this camp alive by fixing the perimeter walls to prevent mobs and bears from attacking the villagers, mining for resources to craft weapons, and journeying beyond the walls on bandit hunts!

From the team at CrackedCubes

  • 2 skins included (1 free)
  • Huge custom terrain

Endless Night

Become the hero the world needs! Defeat the freely roaming monsters and slay the monstrous dragon!

Bring back the peaceful days where the warm sun shone upon the world.

  • Epic monster fights!
  • Unlock the daylight!
  • Become a glorious hero!
  • Expand your dome!