Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 2 new skinpacks and 4 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Mob Knights

With their tough armor and diamond swords, these mob knights are ready for any quest that comes their way!

  • 8 medieval skins to choose from!
  • Includes Creeper, Enderman, Pig, Zombie, and many more!


Spring is back! Enjoy a ride in the city with these colorful bunnies. You might find some hidden chocolate eggs! You can only find them when you are dressed in your bunny costume!

  • 1 free skin
  • 15 bunny skins



Alien Planet

Your spaceship has landed on an alien planet! Explore the dangerous extra-terrestrial environment, search for vital resources, and find the old human settlement!

From the team at CrackedCubes

  • Unique alien textures and environment
  • Two HD skins
  • Huge custom terrain

Noob vs Pro

Move your survival experience underground where you’re safe and hidden!

Choose whether you want to live in a base built in 10 seconds or a millionaire’s base built in more than 100 hours!

  • Hide from your friends & survive!
  • Live like a millionaire underground!
  • Lots of fun for you to explore!

One Block Challenge

You’ve spawned on a solitary block and need to survive!

Mine this ever-changing block to gather resources and build whatever your heart desires!

  • 2 game modes to choose from!
  • Play advanced mode where new islands spawn!
  • Random blocks and islands!
  • Endless randomized blocks!

Seven Wonders

Join a thrilling adventure among the ruins of seven ancient wonders! Design popular landmarks into your own personal island, and listen to a voice narrated story from a tourist guide living in the beautiful Taj Mahal.

Voice narrated experience

7 sky islands

7 player skins

Multiplayer friendly