Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 3 new skinpacks and 3 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Creeper Fashion

These teens love Creepers and are suited up with the latest in fashion trends! TNT and explosions not included!

  • 8 skins included!
  • Display the iconic exploding friend in on your clothes!
  • Wide variety of casual clothes, including hoodies, sneakers, t-shirts and more!


Oh no! My computer has been hacked! Join this group of hackers by playing one of them and thus ravage everywhere you go!

  • 15 skins
  • Computer knowledge and experience

Lucky Block Teens!

The Lucky Block Teens have appeared in Minecraft!

Feeling lucky? Dress as a lucky block teen, mini, or even an actual lucky block!

  • 12 HD Skins
  • 1 free HD skin
  • Includes lucky block teens and more!



Evil Overlord Simulator

Welcome to your kingdom, Overlord. Will you rule with mercy or with an iron fist?

Use your powers to collect taxes, send villagers to the dungeon and control guards.

Or choose to lead a simpler life as a knight or villager instead!

Multiplayer ready!

  • Start with royal body guards who will fight for you!
  • NPC dialogue changes depending on your role within the kingdom!

Imagination City

This huge fantasy city is where your dreams turn into reality! Each part of the city is separated by many platforms with their own unique style. Explore, build in, and defend this Imagination City with your friends.

From the team at CrackedCubes

  • Huge custom terrain
  • Over 130+ detailed interiors
  • Tasks, loot and roleplay opportunities
  • Four skins (one free)

Millionaire Underwater Base

Look out the window and treat yourself to a magical underwater experience!

Live a life underwater in total harmony with nature alone or with your friends!

  • Fully furnished house!
  • Live alone or with friends!
  • Explore this huge underwater base!