Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 1 new skinpacks and 4 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Future Special Force

Join the special force from the future and take on the most dangerous tasks there is!

Pick your role from 10 unique choices and show the world that you’re in a special force!

  • 10 unique skins to choose from!
  • 1 FREE skin included!
  • Includes the chief, assassin, rogue, medic, and much more to choose from the future force!



Aquatic World

Dive deep in this action-packed aquatic adventure! Explore the great depths of the ocean while avoiding the hungry megalodon shark, live like royalty in the extravagant palace, and roleplay as a mermaid, marine biologist, or scuba diver with 4 custom skins! The ocean is a mysterious and dangerous place; what will you discover?!

  • Working submarine
  • Huge sharks!
  • 4 skins

Fear the Rain

Stuck in a super-secret science facility your job (being a clone and all) is to risk life and limbs when inevitably you venture out to save the world from that pesky deadly rain, which has been destroying the world for the last 1010101010111010101+ iterations of this failsafe. Good luck! Oh, and the constant rain will kill you.

    Port Island

    Sail your way to Port Island and get yourselves geared for your adventure!

    See for yourself what this great island has to offer!

    • Play alone or with your friends!

    TNT Run

    Try to stay alive for as long as possible before the TNT blows up underneath you!

    Grab your friends to see who is the champion of multiplayer! Or try to survive the ‘Zombie’ mode alone, avoiding waves of zombies falling from the sky!

    • Single player, multiplayer and zombie modes!
    • Randomized levels each time you play!
    • Custom soundtrack!
    • High score counter!