Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 4 new skinpacks and 3 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Derp Chin Challenge

Ever wanted to TROLL your friends in Minecraft? Everyone uses derp faces to act silly, but have you ever surprised them with it? Simply look up, and your face will become a DERP! Your friends will have no idea what happened, so take the challenge!

  • 8 custom skins
  • Silly styles

Nether Warriors

It’s the war of the biomes in the Nether, only the best will win this battle. Find your way and win this war by putting on the skins of Nether Warriors!

  • 15 skins

Noob Soldiers

Attention! Welcome to the company of noobs, soldier! Meet 14 unique members of the team. We have infantry, special forces and many more!

Ready for the unforgettable adventure? Join us and have fun with your friends!

  • 14 HD skins of noob soldiers.
  • Great for military role play.
  • Various ranks and military roles.

Pros VS Hackers

Glowing high-tech power armor pros take on vibrant and mysterious masked hackers!

Back the pros or join the team of hackers with this awesome skin pack!

  • 12 skins!
  • 2 free skins!
  • Includes power armor pros and masked hackers!



Cadworth Castle

Welcome to Cadworth Castle! Once home to an ice prince and his disciples, the castle now lays dormant and is yours for the taking! Start your next survival adventure off in an icy way with Cadworth Castle!

  • Multiplayer friendly
  • Fun exploration
  • Perfect for Realms

Skeletal Takeover

Skeletons! Skeletal knights, archers and assassins: they’re everywhere! The skeletons have taken over the town! Someone must stop the undead before it’s too late!

  • 4 epic skeletons with unique abilities!
  • Huge town to explore!
  • Objectives to complete!

Viking Conquest

Impress your friends with a grand viking village fortified in ancient stones. Assemble your greatest warriors to embark on a perilous quest to conquer the medieval village. Take back your riches and win freedom for your newfound kingdom. Do you have what it takes?

  • Seaside viking town
  • Viking drakkar fleet
  • Gothic sanctuary
  • Multiplayer friendly
  • 6 custom skins