Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 5 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Alien Pyramids

Ever heard the theory that the ancient pyramids might actually be made by aliens? Well, these pyramids certainly are alien pyramids, full of treasure and dangerous monsters! Ready to be explored! Just don’t be too greedy, the pyramids are well guarded.

    Deadly Spawns: Desert Palace

    Start your survival adventure in a gleaming palace besieged by foes! Explore the Desert Palace and its many treasures, but beware its new enemies!

    • Discover custom mobs including Scorpions, Bandit Archers, Bandit Warriors, and the Royal Guard!
    • Rule the desert realm and trade with neighboring villages!
    • Achievements enabled!

    Extreme Survival: Void

    Make your way from island to island in this mysterious skyblock experience where the sun is covered by bedrock and you are left in the dark void. Survive and unveil what rewards the islands hold.

    • Multiple hidden chests with rewards!
    • Multiple explorable skyblocks!
    • Various kinds of monsters!
    • And more!

    Farms of Ice

    Adventure into this frozen wasteland populated with a dark and powerful village of savages. Discover what mysterious secrets the clan is hiding in this heavily guarded frozen fortress.

    • Discover a new type of village filled with loot
    • A brand new adventure with dungeons and bosses
    • A land of ice that is yours to claim and explore

    MC But: You Fear the Dark

    It’s a survival world but… you’re terrified of the dark! Start out as the last survivor of an underground race, surrounded by the rotting, mossy ruins of your peoples’ empire.

    • New fear mechanic!
    • Don’t spend too long in the dark or you’ll face insanity and even death!
    • Challenging new game mode.
    • Multiplayer friendly!