Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 3 new skinpacks and 4 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Anime Kids

Be the talk of the Minecraft town with these new anime skins! These anime kids and teens are sure to impress!

  • Includes 10 unique skins

Pastel Teens

These teens are going to be the talk of their high school with their brand new pastel clothes! From cool, faded shoes to cute and colorful blazers, these will make very popular school uniforms!

  • 8 pastel skins!
  • Various designs, all sporting cool new hairstyles!
  • Choose from skirts, shirts, vests, ties, and blazers!
  • Soft colors, perfect for spring and summer!

TNT Camo!

Battle with your friends with this TNT Camo pack!

Have a blast with these explosive camos!

  • 8 HD skins
  • 1 free HD skin
  • Includes nuclear, rainbow and creeper TNT camos!



Biome Box

The world’s biomes have been stuffed into 12 different boxes! Cast away the monsters who wait inside and make them your home. Choose to stay in one box and work with one biome’s loot, or break out and expand into multiple boxes!

  • 12 unique boxes!
  • Conquer all the challenges each box contains!
  • Explore what each box has in store!

Dinosaur Skyblock

Do you love playing survival but want something different? Look no further with this custom built dinosaur skyblock, with flyable dinosaurs that come in 12 colors.

  • Four prehistoric Minecraft skins!
  • Over 20 hand-built floating sky islands!
  • A Pterodactyl pet that you can tame and fly!
  • Custom cave paintings!

Farmer's Paradise

Have you had enough of the modern society? Do you just need a moment to calm down and get your head together? You’ve come to the right place. Enter Farmer’s Paradise and begin your new journey in this wonderful land!

    Military Craft

    Ten-hut! Hello soldier! Ever wondered what it feels like to maneuver vehicles and planes? In this base, you can hop in military trucks, fly planes and try out shooting grounds to better your aim!

    • Various kinds of vehicles!
    • Multiple explorable areas!
    • Multiple hidden treasure chests with loot!
    • Shooting range!
    • And more!