Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 2 new skinpacks and 4 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Block Camo! 3

Camouflage yourself in any environment with this third installment of the block camo skin packs!

Disappear like a chameleon and creep up on your friends!

  • 12 HD Skins
  • 1 free HD skin
  • Includes glowstone, mycelium and obsidian camo and more!

PvP Buddies

Are you a fan of PvP and want everyone to know you are the best? Show your superiority in battle with these skins that will lead you to victory!

  • 15 skins



MC But: Mobs Drop Random Loot

It’s a survival world but… mobs drop random loot when they die! Start out in a beautiful village and explore a world where every mob drops a surprise!

  • Random loot tables for mobs!
  • Add something fresh to your survival gameplay!
  • Build interesting farms!
  • Multiplayer friendly!

Rebirth Castle

Reclaim this once great castle from the monsters which have invaded and transform it into your new home! Find useful loot throughout the castle as you push through the hostile creatures within, and then settle in as its new king or queen!

    Rublocks Cube Challenge

    Introducing one of the hardest games you’ve ever played: Rublocks! Find the missing pieces to complete the central cube. Each of the 26 cubes have their own challenges for you to overcome! You’ll need to think quickly to complete this nearly impossible game!

    • Brand new challenges!
    • Relax and build or dare to enter the scarier cubes!

    Spoettrup Burg

    Ever wondered how nobles of the Renaissance really lived? Visit this true to life recreation of the renaissance castle Spoettrup in Denmark. Inhabited by various nobels from 1400 till 1937, it’s now ready to be explored!