Hi everyone! Here are the new releases for this week. This week we are giving you 2 new skinpacks and 5 new worlds to choose from! Enjoy and have fun!



Noob VS Pro VS Hacker VS God

Have a royal rumble with your friends choosing between noobs, pros, hackers and even gods!
With a whopping 16 skins to choose from, you’re sure to have epic and varied battles!

+ 16 colorful skins!
+ 2 free skins!
+ Includes rainbow pros, kitsune masked hackers, elemental gods and more

Fashion of Spring!

Buzz buzz! Spring is in the air and outfits are changing! Choose your style and start the season off right!

– 7 colourful skins!
– Various styles!
– Everyday fashion!



Deadly Spawns : Cursed Forest

Start your survival adventure in a fierce battle with mother nature! Explore the Cursed Forest and its many dangers, but beware its new enemies!

  • Discover custom mobs, including Shamblers, Forest Golems, Rangers, and forest Villagers!
  • Mountable and breedable Deer!
  • Explore the forest, outpost, farm, lumber camp, cave, and a nearby village!
  • Achievements enabled!

One Chunk Challenge 2

Are you ready to face the hardships of the whole world?
Survive the challenge of a regular world, except, the whole world is contained in one single chunk!
Will you be able to get past every level and finish the whole game?


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Packed with challenges on every level!
  • Defeat the Ender Dragon & Wither in a one chunk dimension!

Rainbow Valley

A fun farm town to explore with friends! With many colorful houses to live in with your friends.

  • Custom terrain with colorful housing!
  • Farms and houses to explore!
  • Areas to fish!

Birds of Paradise

Explore the palace and colorful sky islands of paradise, or venture out onto the world below and survive! Tame your own pet birds of paradise which you can fly from island to island, or if you’re brave enough, use the parkour routes!


  • Fly and control birds of paradise
  • Parkour and flight obstacles
  • Discover hidden treasures!
  • Created by Cynosia

Advanced Mobs

Hidden away in a laboratory of experiments are mobs that have mutated into the shape you see before you! Venture out in to the lands and you will encounter them! They are not friendly, so have your crafted weapons ready. Good luck!

+ Various kinds of new monsters!
+ Explorable laboratory!
+ Exciting new experiance!
+ And more!