1. Make sure your world has EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY on

2. Craft your backpack

3. Dye it before you "claim" it with the nametag!

4. Claim it with your nametag so it is yours.

5. Walk into it to equip. Shift to unequip.

6. To open the inventory just right click it when it is on the ground.

7. Enjoy!

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Add-on RazzleberryFox, StealthyExpert, MrMinechest and HSG. Special thanks to ProfMagnumz for help with the recipes!

Changelog Berrypacks 1.0.1 - 10/08/2019

Pack Changes:

  1. Razzlepacks now dismount when in water,
  2. Is now leash-able using leads,
  3. Made the Add-On compatible with other 1.12 experimental Add-Ons.
  4. Behaviors optimized and completely re-written to make it run better on all devices.
  5. All behaviors have naming conventions now to make things uniform.
  6. Added a few custom trades to villagers and wondering traders to get the Razzlepack.
  7. Added a crafting recipe, 1x Name Tag surrounded by 9x Leather will craft a Razzlepack.
  8. Added a custom item for the Razzlepack the give command is razzleberries:razzlepack
  9. Added a setup message so players know the addon loaded successfully.
  10. They spawn in all biomes but are super super rare to spawn in the wild.
  11. Removed the naming behavior of Razzlepacks.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed a dyeing behavior bug where bone_meal, lapis, coco_beans would not dye the Razzlepack.
  2. Fixed a bug where parrots were not able to ride the player
  3. Fixed a bug where raids would never get triggered by the player in villages.
  4. Fixed an issue with unused code in the player.json
  5. Removed an unused copy of the white Razzlepack texture.